Shattered Skies return with stunning new single You Will Know My Name


Shattered Skies have released a video for their new single You Will Know My Name exclusively with Prog.The track will feature on the UK-based band’s upcoming studio album Muted Neon, further details of which will be revealed over the next few weeks.Speaking about the song, lyricist and guitarist Ian Rockett says: “You Will Know My Name was written as a reflection on society’s desperate and insatiable need for relevance. “Most of us in the developed world have a roof over our heads and food on our tables, so our worries and needs have adapted. Now we crave approval, importance, feedback and interactions to reassure us that we matter. “It can be fame, likes, comments, notoriety, personal drama, financial success or a whole host of other self-aggrandising fetishes.”He adds: “I am not solely pointing the finger outward with this song, it points inward too. Some part of me still can’t escape the compulsion to somehow seek out approval, acceptance or relevance, online and in everyday life.”Rockett is joined in the lineup by vocalist Gerry Brown, bassist Chris Borland and drummer and synth player Ross McMahon.

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