Tracks Of The Week: new music and videos from Skindred, DeWolff and more


It’s that time of the week when we fill our heads with as much new rock’n’roll as they can hold (plus a bit more), and then cherry-pick the best bits. We hope you enjoy checking out this little lot…Skindred – That’s My JamEver wondered what your cat gets up to when you go to bed? According to ragga-metal Welshies Skindred, quite a bit. That’s My Jam’s not as heavy as they’ve gone in the past, but it’s still ultra-cool and catchy as hell, with enough hooky streetwise swagger to make this a quality Friday night anthem.Rainbreakers – Heavy SoulA smooth blend of 70s-meets-garage licks and old and new soul from Shrewsbury. Lyrically it may sound like a ‘my woman’s getting me down’ kinda jam, in between those 70s licks, but actually it’s about depression. Say the band: “Even if I feel like I have a heavy soul, I take a deep breath and remind myself that I still have a heart of gold that is wanting to shine.”Circu5 – The Amazing Monstrous GradyThe brainchild of session guy/multi-instrumentalist Steve Tilling, Circu5 has been five years in the making. If this sharp, irreverent but hooky number is anything to go by – complete with XTC-esque sensibilities (and a guest appearance from actual XTC man Dave Gregory) it was well worth the time.Modern Earl – Red, White And BluesTaken from the album Ameriphonica, this packs in snappy socio-political sentiments beneath its loose, funky blues exterior and tasty Southern licks. “Looks like that star-spangled fever gonna carry me to my grave”, Christopher ‘Earl’ Hudson sings, adding a little bite to this chilled summery cocktail.High Priestess – Take The BlameNow for something so deliciously doomy it’ll literally make your ears bleed. In a good way. This psych/doom/stoner cohort from the darkest reaches of Los Angeles mix the spirit of early Black Sabbath with their own melodious yet skull-pummelling hoodoo. We like it.DeWolff – Big TalkLittle tip: don’t watch this when you’re about to eat, or just after you’ve eaten. Listen without the visuals until there’s a healthy gap between you and food, otherwise you might see your lunch/breakfast/dinner again sooner than you’d like. But that doesn’t mean this isn’t a proper cinematic experience – an artfully horrifying accompaniment to the Dutch classic rock trio’s commanding latest tune.Tony Wright & Ryan Hamilton – Oh Lonesome MeA sweetly mournful new collaboration between the Terrorvision frontman and Traitors leader/Texan singer-songwriter dude. Part of their upcoming collection of country standards, this (originally a Don Gibson tune, also covered by Johnny Cash) sounds like the beginning of a beautiful relationship; all sublime harmonies, acoustic strumming and beguiling melody shifts.SMASH Fashion – Runs In The FamilyLast up we’ve got a zingy shot class of glam-infused rock’n’roll (tasty twin-lead guitar included) from LA-based “dandy rock” gents SMASH Fashion. Accompanied by graveyard, gambling and guns in the video, it’s an appetising way to set yourself up for the weekend. Happy Friday y’all!

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